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2008 Survey of Canadian attitudes toward learning: Early childhood learning

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Canadian Council on Learning
Publication Date: 
23 Feb 2009

Description: The annual Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward Learning (SCAL) gathers the opinions, perceptions, and beliefs of Canadians about various aspects of learning in Canada. Now in its third year, the survey was designed by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) in consultation with Statistics Canada, which administered the survey on behalf of CCL. SCAL 2008 examined Canadians’ attitudes, experiences and beliefs about learning during the early years. Questions about early childhood learning collected information about experiences in child-care settings and the home. Early childhood learning highlights: • 67% of parents of young children report using some form of child care on a regular basis. • Parents in Quebec are more likely to use child care and more likely to use day-care centres, in particular, than parents in other parts of the country. • Parents with higher incomes are more likely to use day-care centres, while parents with lower incomes are more likely to have their children cared for by other relatives. • Parents who do not use child-care services make more frequent use of public facilities (e.g., libraries, museums, parks). Other findings available in the full report include: Canadian attitudes toward schools: Quality, access and mobility Canadian attitudes toward work-related adult learning Canadian attitudes toward health and learning