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From preschool pedagogy to nanotechnology: Education and research in Sweden

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Regeringskansliet, Government offices of Sweden
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Oct 2009


A presentation of the Swedish educational system, from pre-school pedagogy to nanotechnology, including research.

In an era of globalisation an increasingly important role is played by the knowledge of citizens. Our education system the quality of its teachers and their teaching become crucial for societys growth and its citizens welfare.

Developing co-operation in Europe benefits all the countries that participate. To confront this challenge requires investing in the education system. In times of economic downturn more people apply for vocational education, higher education and adult education. With more knowledge they are better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities when the economy once again starts to grow. Education provides them with both the power and opportunity to shape their own lives.

The countries of Europe must mobilise their resources and focus on the crucial elements of the Lisbon Strategy. The Knowledge Triangle is one of these, and for this reason during the Swedish Presidency we wish to promote a discussion on how Europe can strengthen the linkages between research, innovation and higher education. This booklet focuses on the Swedish education system and the Governments policy on knowledge.