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Hard truths: Canada's social deficit

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Taillon, Peggy
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
5 Feb 2010

Excerpts from the presentation:

Wide spread evidence that points to a progressive and relentless erosion of the social fabric of our country.

Not caused by but exacerbated by the current recession

Segments of Canadian society are doing better than ever -- this prosperity for some cloaks the struggle of those living on the margins.

The average income of the wealthiest families with children increased more than twice as much (33% over the past 18 years) as family incomes for the poorest tenth of Canada's population (16% from 1989 to 2007).

The slow growth of the average income of all families with children (18% over 18 years) demonstrates why middle- income families express economic insecurity.


Canada spends less money on benefits for families and the unemployed than other developed countries.

Canada is now 25th out of 30 OECD countries in social spending.


No longer an international beacon -- Canada ranked last among 25 OECD nations on benchmarks achieved for early childhood education and care services including subsidized and regulated child care services, staff training, child/staff ratios, public expenditures and parental leave.