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Early years engineering

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"How do they do it in...?" Series
Teachers TV
Publication Date: 
12 May 2009


Part of Teachers TV's "How do they do it in?" series, this video shows how kindergartens have teamed up with engineering companies to offer materials (including simple electrical circuits) and teacher training aimed at improving the quality of engineering education in the early years.

From the website:

"In Germany, engineering companies have grouped together to try and inspire young people whom they feel have lost interest in science and technology.

Working with science education organisation, Science Lab, in Munich, they have provided "Discovery Boxes" to kindergartens to try and encourage an interest in engineering from an early age.

The contents of the boxes, which include resources for teaching materials on water, colour, air, sound and electricity, are designed to help raise the pupils' enthusiasm for science-based subjects, and to help forestall a future shortage of engineers."