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Ontario passes full-day learning Act

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Government of Ontario. Ministry of Education.
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Publication Date: 
27 Apr 2010

Text of the press release:

Ontario is one step closer to implementing full-day learning for four- and five-year-olds across the province.

Earlier today, the legislature passed the Full-Day Early Learning Statute Law Amendment Act, 2010. The legislation included a number of amendments, such as clarifying the roles of teachers and early childhood educators in full-day early learning classrooms.

In addition, the government will address the need for child care centres to have the flexibility they need as four- and five-year-olds move into the integrated before- and after-school program.

Ontario is also supporting the child care sector and will help improve the delivery of other children's services in a number of ways, including:

- Providing stabilization funding. This will be phased in over the period of implementation, growing to $51 million annually at full implementation to help stabilize child care centres as four- and five-year-olds move into the full-day learning program.

- Providing $12 million over five years to help non-profit child care centres make retrofits and renovations to serve younger children.

- Transferring child care policy and program responsibilities to the Ministry of Education from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to facilitate smoother transitions for children from the child care system to the education system.

- Minister of Children and Youth Services Laurel Broten, assisted by Dr. Charles Pascal, will take the lead to bring about integrated services for parents of infants and young children so they can access them in a more co-ordinated, timely and efficient way.

Full-day early learning is a key part of the government's Open Ontario plan to strengthen education in Ontario. It will increase student achievement, build a stronger workforce and help break the cycle of poverty.