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Prince Edward Island budget 2010

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Government of Prince Edward Island
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Publication Date: 
23 Apr 2010

Highlights include:

- An additional $13.6 million will be invested in early learning and education to build opportunities for Island children.

- As kindergarten moves into the public school system as a full-day program, Government's investment in that crucially important sector will rise from $3.2 million to $10 million this fiscal year.

- After too many years of neglect, new funding of $2.5 million plus additional kindergarten-related savings will be invested in the Early Childhood Sector, which will help to maintain child care spaces and improve services for children.

- In keeping with Government's commitment to the safety of children, an additional 51 school buses will be purchased - equipped with safety seats for new kindergarten students, like the 100 buses already purchased over the past two years.