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Nursery university

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Simon, Marc H. & Maker, Matthew (filmmakers)
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2008

About the film:

From the moment parents learn they are having a baby, they focus on providing a happy and healthy environment and the best opportunities for their kids. This includes planning for their children's education, and today, for moms and dads across the country, the pressures associated with schooling begin early -- very early.

Set in New York, the epicenter of a phenomenon cropping up in communities across the United States, "Nursery University" provides a good-humored look at the oddly competitive environment of nursery school admissions. The film tells the story of five families -- each with different backgrounds and economic circumstances -- attempting to place their toddlers in preschool classrooms with limited spaces and high price tags. "Nursery University" also follows the school directors who must determine with "applicants" to welcome through their doors, and the experts that guide the parents through the process. Cue the tears, hysterics and breakdowns -- and that's just the parents.


"Nursery University" is the first film to gain access to this exclusive environment. In doing so, the film examines inequities in the system, as well as realities, perceptions, and motivations that have infused the process with so much angst.