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Ignatieff, Michael
Publication Date: 
28 Mar 2010



The 'Canada at 150: Rising to the challenge' conference was held in Montreal from March 26-28, 2010. During the three days, various speakers discussed what can and what should Canada be in 2017 and how do we get there.

After three days of presentations, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff provided his closing remarks. (See link for full text of speech.)

During his speech Michael Ignatieff discussed the need in Canada for a national strategy for knowledge and innovation, a pan-Canadian learning plan which includes providing the choice of early learning and child care for every family. The following is an excerpt from his speech:

"Over the weekend we must have heard it 20 times. On so many of the great challenges facing our country, we need a national strategy, a pan- Canadian strategy. Of course, respecting the jurisdictions of each province, but we must act together as a country. Not just provinces and territories working separately. It means we have to be a country with all the players at the table taking action, with clearly defined responsibilities. I heard very clearly that we need a national strategy for knowledge and innovation."

"This means a pan-Canadian learning plan, because we cannot face the future without one. It's essential, not merely something we would like to do. What does that mean? It does mean early learning and child care for every Canadian family that wants it. It has to mean closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educational attainment. It has to mean making illiteracy a national priority, for all orders of government, and for everyone in the system who teaches and learns."