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Reflections on shaping an integrated system of early learning & child care and education for children in Canada

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Canadian Child Care Federation
Publication Date: 
1 Apr 2010

Excerpts from the discussion paper:

The Canadian Child Care Federation's goal in writing this paper is to encourage reflection and discussion on what this move towards an integrated education system could mean for Canada's children and families, as well as the early childhood educators whose work would be incorporated into this system.


CCCF supports the integrated model in principle; it can build a strong and seamless system that will enhance services for children and families and give our young children a chance for optimal development. Early learning and child care must have a strong, informed voice over the coming months and years. CCCF is committed to being engaged in the development of a high quality system informed by this plan. As a national organization with provincial and territorial affiliate organizations, the Canadian Child Care Federation plays a key leadership role for ELCC in Canada.

CCCF wants to hear your reflections and will maintain and moderate discussion on its Facebook page. We invite you to share your reflections and suggest weblinks for other important information on shaping a high quality integrated education system for children 0-12 in Canada that will support all children in Canada to reach their full potential.