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Educational indicators in Canada: An international perspective

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Canadian Educational Statistics Council
Publication Date: 
26 Oct 2010

Excerpts from the report press release:

The second report in a series begun in 2009, Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective, 2010, expands on the data collected for OECD's flagship publication, Education at a Glance, which was released today in Paris. CMEC's report facilitates the comparison of education systems in Canada's provinces and territories with those of OECD member countries.

The report was developed by CMEC in partnership with Statistics Canada, through the Canadian Education Statistics Council (CESC), and builds on Canada's participation in OECD's work on education indicators while enriching the statistical portrait of Canada's education systems by focusing more closely on provincial and territorial data.


Of particular note in the 2010 report:

- One in two adult Canadians have completed postsecondary education, compared to one in three for OECD countries as a whole.
- Across Canada, as in most OECD countries, female students are more likely to graduate from high school than male students, and to continue to postsecondary education and graduate with a college diploma or university degree.
- The data in the report show the value of education to individuals and societies: people with postsecondary education, particularly university education, have higher levels of employment and significantly higher earnings. University graduates in Canada, including those with advanced degrees, earned 75 per cent more in 2007 than people with only a high-school diploma. The same pattern is seen across OECD countries.
- The participation of adults in ongoing education and training in Canada (42 per cent) is similar to the average across OECD countries (41 per cent). Participation tends to be highest among people who have recently entered the workforce and among those with higher educational attainment.