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Eradicating poverty good for the economy, premiers told

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Roundtable on How to Make Canada Poverty-Free (organized by Campaign 2000)
Publication Date: 
6 Aug 2010

Video summarizes the proceedings of the Winnipeg Roundtable on How to Make Canada Poverty-Free.

Description of event:

Campaign 2000 and the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg and, in collaboration with Council of Canadians with Disabilities and Canadian Council on Social Development is hosting a roundtable discussion to finalize a consensus document on what the Council of the Federation should do to eradicate poverty throughout Canada.

The Winnipeg Roundtable will include representatives from business, labour, faith groups, and civil society groups. Members of Parliament from the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois took up an all-party invitation to attend. The roundtable participants will be presented with a document titled "The Winnipeg Statement". This document is a comprehensive strategy for poverty eradication and calls for government leaders to demonstrate commitment and to work together to eradicate poverty in Canada during the next decade.

The roundtable summit is being held on August 4th 2010, on the second floor of the Union Centre located at 275 Broadway, from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Our guest speakers are:

Senator Art Eggleton
M.P. Michael Savage (Liberal)
M.P. Tony Martin - (NDP)
M.P. Yves Lessard - (Bloc Quebecois)
Grand Chief Morris Shanacappo - Southern Chiefs Organization
Cindy Blackstock - First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada
Jim Derksen - Canadian Council of Disabilities
Shahina Siddiqui - Islamic Social Services Association
Graham Starmer - Manitoba Chamber of Commerce
Ann Decter - YWCA Canada
Tom Murphy - CAW Canada