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Full-day early learning kindergarten program for four- and five-year-olds: A reference guide for educators

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Government of Ontario. Ministry of Education.
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Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2010

Excerpts from the reference guide:

As a select group of education leaders who will implement the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program, you have been given a unique opportunity to explore and develop effective practices. What are the necessary conditions for successful implementation of the core and extended-day programs for four- and five-year-olds? What kinds of learning environments and organizational structures will support these programs, and the success of these young students? How can the new Full-Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program inform our practice, and enrich our work as a community of professional learners? How can we build effective partnerships that bring out the best in us as principals, teachers and early childhood educators, and in parents and community partners, for the benefit of students?

This document is intended as the starting point of a conversation for excellence in each of these critical areas. The results of these conversations -- and your individual and collective experiences in implementing the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program -- will serve as a foundation and model for province-wide implementation and ongoing program quality improvement.