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The mothers' voices project: Final report

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New Brunswick Child Care Coalition
Publication Date: 
21 Oct 2010

Excerpts from the report:

Much research has been done to understand how child care affects children, families and society. The New Brunswick Child Care Coalition felt there was a lack of participatory research related to mothers' experiences and the social and economic consequences they experience related to child care. We wondered if mothers feel that government funding affects child care programs and services in their community. The goal of this project was to gather mothers' voices -- in an effort to learn about the relationship between how government funding is implemented and if mothers felt it was integral to their communities' child care accessibility.

This is a report to demonstrate the results of our discussions with mothers across the province and to reflect their voices. While these results cannot be scientifically applied to our province as a whole, they give us an indication of what many mothers are thinking about the way governments fund child care.

This is a participatory project. That means that each mother that participated has been encouraged to share her perspective on the final report.