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Vouchers again? Recent experience with early education vouchers in Hong Kong

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Fourth ICMEC International Seminar Series 2010/11
Yuen, Gail & Ang, Lynn
Publication Date: 
9 Nov 2011

Description and links to presentations:

Early childhood education in Hong Kong is unique in being solely operated by the private sector. Recent education policy initiatives have all taken place within a market context. The early education voucher scheme was implemented three years ago, with the aim of offering affordable and quality early childhood education to all 3 and 4 year old children. Its roll-out has had intended as well as unintended consequences, generating controversy and criticism. Anyone interested in the future of British as well as global early years policy might find taking account of these developments useful.

Dr Gail Yuen, Assistant Professor, Department of Education Policy and Leadership at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, reported on three studies she has undertaken of the Hong Kong early education voucher scheme since its introduction. You can read a copy of her PowerPoint presentation by following this link: Presentation Dr Gail Yuen ICMEC seminar

Dr Lynn Ang, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood, Cass School of Education at the University of East London, provided a commentary on these developments informed by her studies of early education systems in the Asia Pacific region. She contributed to the interpretation of the findings of Dr Yuen's studies by setting these within the wider Asia Pacific early childhood policy context.

As well as a PowerPoint presentation that can be found by following this link: PP presentation Dr Lynn Ang ECEC in Asia and the Pacific ICMEC seminar Tuesday 9 Nov 2010, Dr Ang also provided a background paper on these contextual matters: Discussant Paper Dr Lynn Ang ICMEC seminar 9 November 2010

A lively discussion followed the two presentations, as the audience of academics, postgraduate students, think tank researchers and childcare business professionals explored the issues raised and their relevance for ECEC policy and practice in the UK today, taking account of the rapidly changing policy environment.