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Federal election 2011: Early childhood education and care

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Canadian Union of Public Employees
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
12 Apr 2011

Excerpts from the fact sheet:

Quality early learning and care services reduces poverty, increases employment, and stimulates the economy. These programs build strong communities.

Our nation's children, women and families deserve better than words without action. They deserve a national program of high quality, accessible early childhood education and child care. Recognizing the right of Quebec to develop social programs, the federal government must make a commitment to legislate the right to universal access to child care. It must provide multi-year secure funding for a national program to the provinces and territories that agree to develop:

- A system of accessible, affordable, high quality, public and not-for-profit early childhood education and care in place.

- A policy framework that includes goals and objectives, targets and timelines, recognizing provincial and territorial roles and responsibilities.

- A planned program for developing a system of inclusive services that meet the early childhood education and care needs of children and parents through:

1. Public expansion via a publicly-delivered early childhood education and care system. This includes integrating existing community-based services into publicly-managed systems.

2. Public funding to the early childhood education and care system, rather than individual parents, so that high quality, accessible services that parents can afford can be created and sustained.

3. Public monitoring and reporting on quality and access levels in an early childhood education and care system.