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Private companies in public schools?

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Canadian Union of Public Employees
Press release
Publication Date: 
15 Apr 2011


Private companies coming into public schools to provide extended day programs?

Let's think twice before letting Dalton McGuinty make radical changes to Ontario's Education laws.

You can help, but there's not much time.

Bill 173, the Ontario Budget Bill, is 146 pages of legislation dealing with many important issues, including very risky changes to the Education Act. So far, the government is offering the public only one day of public hearings, in Toronto, on a law that could change our schools forever. That's not fair to anybody.

Tell them you're worried. Ask them to please make sure there are full, province wide public hearings before we decide about changing the law to allow private for profit companies in our schools.

Thank you. By sending an e-mail message to your MPP today, you will help make sure we get proper public hearings on this very risky legislation.