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State of the world's mothers: Champions for children

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Save the Children
Publication Date: 
3 May 2011

Excerpts from the report:

Save the Children's twelfth annual Mothers' Index compares the well-being of mothers and children in 164 countries -- more than in any previous year. The Mothers' Index also provides information on an additional eight countries, four of which report sufficient data to present findings on children's indicators. When these are included, the total comes to 172 countries.

Norway, Australia and Iceland top the rankings this year. The top 10 countries, in general, attain very high scores for mothers' and children's health, educational and economic status. Afghanistan ranks last among the 164 countries surveyed. The 10 bottomranked countries -- eight from sub-Saharan Africa -- are a reverse image of the top 10, performing poorly on all indicators. The United States places 31st this year.

[Canada is ranked 20th on the mother index, 14th on the women's index and 24th on the children's index]