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Materials from the 2011 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

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Publication Date: 
4 Jun 2011


About the congress:

"Organized by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences brings together scholars, graduate students, practitioners, and policy-makers to share groundbreaking research and examine the most important social and cultural issues of the day."

This year's Congress featured a number of interesting presentations of new research relevant to the early childhood education and care community. Below are Congress press releases and news articles highlighting some of this research.

Selected materials from the Congress:

Launch of Accord on Research in Education
June 4, 2011
The Association of Canadian Deans of Education released the Accord on Research in Education in which they commit to the best in education research - and to getting this research into the hands of policy-makers, teachers and administrators who need it.

Taking leave of your senses/census
June 4, 2011
At the 2011 Nels Anderson Lecture, Dr. Monica Boyd, Canada Research Chair on Immigration, spoke on the impact of eliminating the mandatory Long-form census in 2010, warning that it will be damaging to Canada.

Too much kindergarten no fun at all
June 3, 2011
Early results from a pilot study by University of Western Ontario researcher Rachel Heydon focusing on two classrooms in southwestern Ontario showed that teachers in a regular school setting were often caught in the tension that exists between meeting curriculum expectations and teaching to student interests.

The Conservative Party's war on women
June 3, 2011
University of Regina's Jill Arkles spoke Tuesday, May 31st, on what she sees as the erosion of gender-based citizenship under Stephen Harper's Conservatives since they first won a minority government in 2006.

The politics of childcare
June 1, 2011
As part of a panel on May 31 on the history of second-wave feminism in Canada, University of Victoria PhD candidate Lisa Pasolli presented her research on how feminist activism shaped and influenced the childcare movement.

Teachers at 'breaking point' over increase in admin. work
June 1, 2011
A workload study of teachers in Prince Edward Island shows they are spending more time doing administrative and other tasks and less time interacting with students. The study also suggests teachers are "near the breaking point" with frustration at the extra duties that limit their teaching time.