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Care and learning together: Case studies

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UNESCO Early Childhood and Family Policy Series no. 16-21
Various authors
Publication Date: 
5 Oct 2011

Jamaica (Jennifer Jones, Audrey Brown & Janet Brown, 2011)

Sweden (Ingmarie Munkhammar & Gretha Wikgren, 2010)

Brazil (Fernanda Nunes, Patrícia Corsino & Vital Didonet, 2010)

Ghent, the Flemish Community of Belgium (Jan Peeters & Michel Vandenbroeck, 2010)

Slovenia (Ljubica Marjanovic Umek & Urska Fekonja Peklaj, 2010)

New Zealand (Anne Meade & Valerie N. Podmore, 2010)

About the reports:

These country reports contribute to global understanding of integration processes, specifically the integration of early childhood care and education services under Ministry of Education auspices. They are part of the Caring and Learning Together: Cross-National Research Project on the Integration of Early Childhood Care and Education, implemented as part of UNESCO's 2008-2009 biennial programme. The reports were co-funded by UNICEF. The structure of the reports follow a design provided by UNESCO with specific questions under topic headings stipulated by a Master Questionnaire that was provided to all countries for consistency.