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Background information and facts about public child care in Peel Region

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Childcare Resource and Research Unit
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
24 Jan 2012


Fact sheet about public child care in Peel Region, Childcare Resource and Research Unit, 24 Jan 12

This fact sheet provides an overview of child care services in Peel Region. Includes information about availability, subsidies, auspice, and available services for children with special needs.

Recommendation to regional council to close all public child care centres in Peel, 23 Jan 12

  • KPMG Report: Service Delivery Model Project: A Review of the Region of Peel's Role in the Early Learning and Child Care System [link no longer available]
  • News Release: Region of Peel Staff Report Proposes Child Care Funding Be Redirected to Increase Subsidies and Help Providers Manage Changing Demands [link no longer available]
  • Staff report: Proposal to redirect current child care funding to increase service and meet the needs of a changing early learning and child care system [link no longer available]