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Alberta election 2012: Speak up for the public interest

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Public Interest Alberta
Publication Date: 
1 Apr 2012

Excerpts from the website:


Democracy is an ongoing dialogue. This election, engage in conversation with your candidates about the things in the public sphere that matter to you! Ask questions!

If we are going to build the Alberta we need, as citizens, we need to engage in the political process. The decisions made during the 2012 Alberta provincial election will impact all of us in the future.

Explore this webpage for election tools and resources



Alberta is the lowest spending province on early childhood education and learning (ECEL) in Canada. Additionally, our government, rather than providing the support required for accessible public childcare, is comfortable with treating our childcare system like a commodity rather than a serious investment in our collective well-being and prosperity. We cannot accomplish poverty reduction in Alberta without addressing childcare access issues.

PIA's Childcare Task Force calls on the provincial government to:

  • Place Alberta's children front and centre.
  • Recognize and support our children's mentors and caregivers as professionals.
  • Copy what works.
  • Recognize different needs.