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Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education Programs

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American Academy of Pediatrics, American Public Health Association, National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2012



Teachers and caregivers are in a special position and are uniquely qualified to help children cultivate healthy eating and positive exercise habits that prevent childhood obesity. CFOC standards can assist early care and education programs, families, and community resources and agencies to develop and adopt safe and healthy practices, policies, and procedures that form a foundation of fitness for children that will last a lifetime.

Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education Programs contains practical intervention strategies to prevent excessive weight gain in young children. The standards detail opportunities for facilities to work with families beginning on day one of an infant’s enrollment, such as reaching out to mothers who breastfeed their infants by supporting them in a breastfeeding friendly environment.

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