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Save Peel child care - Flyer from OCBCC

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Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
Press release
Publication Date: 
15 Aug 2012

Excerpts from the flyer:

At the next Peel Regional Council the Peel Early Learning and Child Care Task Force will be RECOMMENDING THE CLOSURE OF ALL 12 LEARN.PLAY.CARE regionally-operated child care centres.

At the meeting Peel Regional Councillors will make a final decision on closure. The Task Force was charged with the task of options, and despite options that would make the LPC's financially viable, the councillors will recommend that the Region close all 12 centres.

On January 26th, when this issue was first brought to Council, it was the overwhelming response of the community that halted the closure

Regional Councillors need to hear that if you vote to close Peel's child care, you have lost my vote. And I am not the only person who feels this way.

Here are things you can do immediately to voice your concerns:

1. MEET WITH YOUR REGIONAL COUNCILLOR. Meeting face-to-face works best to get your message
2. Plan to attend the Peel Council meeting on SEPTEMBER 13TH.
3. Call and get your name on the DEPUTATION LIST in order to have a chance to speak at the September 13th meeting.
4. Speak to neighbours and friends in the community about the issue. This issue affects everyone, especially people who may have children one day in the future and would be facing a child care shortage in their neighbourhood as a result of this decision.

The decision to close 12 child care centres and eliminate over 850 child care spaces in Peel is
UNNECESSARY as there ARE options that would make these centres financially viable WITHOUT putting pressure on taxpayers.

Parents have NOT been consulted about these options, and they have NOT been fully considered as an alternative to complete closure of the entire system. THIS IS THE TIME TO SPEAK OUT AND BE HEARD!