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Parti Québécois win a minority government: Election platform promises a space for every child in $7-a-day child care program

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5 Sep 2012


The Parti Québécois won a minority government in the Québec election yesterday.

The PQ election platform included a promise to provide a space for every child in Québec's $7-a-day child care program.

L'avenir du Québec est entre vos mains : la plateforme électorale du Parti Québécois, 2012

"Assurer une place pour chaque enfant qui doit être accueilli dans un centre de la petite enfance. Le Québec doit pouvoir ainsi compter sur 250 000 places pour répondre aux besoins des familles"

Daycare system would have spaces for everyone if PQ forms government, Marois say, Montreal Gazette, 13 Aug 12

Marois, a mother of four and grandmother to two, started the popular $5-a-day daycare program in 1997. On Monday she said she now wants to complete the project by adding an extra 15,000 spots on top of those already promised by the Liberals, to bring the total to 250,000 by the end of a PQ mandate.


Marois said the cost for the extra spots would be $177 million, but didn't say how it would be paid for. Costs to parents wouldn't increase, she said.