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Recent perspectives on early childhood education in Canada

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Howe, Nina & Prochner, Larry (Eds.)
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
1 Sep 2012


Early childhood education is critical for preparing children for success in formal school settings, and as such, is a major concern throughout the world. This volume brings together ground-breaking research in this area to help practitioners, students, policy makers, curriculum designers, and intervention program developers understand the latest ideas and advances in the field.

Recent Perspectives of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada centres on three key themes. The first provides a survey of historical, social policy, economic, and provincial regulations and policies related to early childhood education and care. The second focuses on issues related to children's learning, curriculum, and teachers. The final theme addresses recent developments in government involvement in early childhood education and care that are unique to Canada. The contributors to this volume demonstrate the pressing need that exists to further public discussion on early childhood education to help policymakers shape better decisions for Canadian families.


Table of contents:

Nina Howe & Larry Prochner

Section 1: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Ch. 1: Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada in the 50s and 60s: Retrenchment and Renewal
Larry Prochner & Lynne Robertson

Ch. 2: Provision, Policy and Politics in Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
Martha Friendly (Childcare Resource and Research Unit) & Susan Prentice (University of Manitoba)

Ch. 3: The Economics of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
Gordon Cleveland (University of Toronto)

Ch. 4: Child Care Regulations Regarding Training and Curriculum in Canada
Ellen Jacobs & Emmanuelle Adrien

Commentary: Towards a Geology of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
Hillel Goelman (University of British Columbia)

Section 2: Children, Curriculum, and Teachers

Ch. 5: Revisioning Multiculturalism in Early Childhood Education in Canada
Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw (University of Victoria) & Judith K. Bernhard (Ryerson University)

Ch. 6: Intergenerational Learning Programming from a Curriculum Studies' Perspective: New Directions, New Possibilities
Rachel M. Heydon (University of Western Ontario)

Ch. 7: Innovations in Provincial Early Learning Curriculum Frameworks in Canada
Rachel Langford (Ryerson University)

Ch. 8: The Investigating Quality Project: Innovative Approaches in Early Childhood Education
Alan Pence (University of Victoria) & Veronica Pacini-Katchabaw (University of Victoria)

Ch. 9: Elements of Mentoring: A Case Study of Inservice Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators
Nina Howe (Concordia University) & Ellen Jacobs

Commentary: Reflections on Children, Curriculum and Teachers
Alan Pence

Section 3: Government Involvement

Ch. 10: The Québec Child Care System: Lessons from Research
Christa Japel (Université de Québec à Montréal)

Ch. 11: Community-Based Early Child Development Projects in Canada
Ray DeV. Peters (Queen's University), Angela Howell-Moneta (Queen's University), & Kelly Petrunka (Queen's University)

Ch. 12: Federal Investments in Strengthening Indigenous Capacity for Culturally-Based Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
Jessica Ball (University of Victoria)

Ch. 13: Integrated Early Childhood Services in School-as-hub models: Lessons from Toronto First Duty and Peel Best Start
Janette Pelletier (University of Toronto)

Commentary: Government Roles in Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada: Patchwork, Perils and Promise of New Directions
Carl Corter (University of Toronto)

Postscript: Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
Helen Penn (University of East London)