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Child care workers face serious challenges

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CBC Radio (Nova Scotia)
Publication Date: 
3 Dec 2012

Radio broadcast available online:

Monday December 3, 2012, CBC Radio

Childcare Workers face serious challenges [Audio 8:29]

Childcare workers across the province say we're not putting our money where our mouth is when we say: "Children are our future". A group of childcare experts recently came together to highlight some of the serious challenges that still exist years after they were raised. Kathleen Couture is the chair of the Nova Scotia Childcare Association. She's also the director of a local non-profit childcare centre in Spryfield

Tuesday December 4, 2012, CBC Radio

Province doing its best to address childcare issues [Audio 9:48]

Community Services Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse says the government is taking a methodical approach to improving conditions for childcare workers