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The 2013 child care election platforms - Do they move us towards the $10/Day Plan?

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Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
29 Apr 2013

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Our voices have made a difference! Thanks to more than 1 million British Columbians who support the $10/Day Child Care Plan and want immediate action to solve BC's child care crisis-child care
has become a provincial election priority.

Leading up to this election, we called on politicians to make a commitment to the vision reflected in the $10 A Day Child Care Plan. We knew that it would take time to fully fund and implement the Plan but we were clear that the first steps, however small, needed to begin transforming early care and learning services from the failed ‘user fee' market model to a publicly funded and delivered system. The first steps needed to begin the process of building a child care system.


While some party platforms include statements about ‘early years and/or early childhood  development', we are looking at the key budget commitments that are specifically allocated to child care - the licensed programs that provide care and learning for children, primarily while their parents are at work or school.