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From seeds to cedar: A campaign to support Aboriginal early childhood development and care

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BC Aboriginal Child Care Society
Publication Date: 
7 May 2013

About the campaign:

The smallest seeds become the tallest cedars

To celebrate Childcare awareness month the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BC ACCS) launched the From Seed to Cedar campaign. Our goal is to raise awareness about the crucial role of quality Aboriginal Early Childhood Development and Care (ECDC) programs in our communities, and recognize the work of dedicated early childhood educators. We want to create a network of Aboriginal ECDC champions across BC.

BC ACCS was established in 1995 to administer the $12 million BC share of the federal government's First Nations/Inuit Child Care Initiative. BC ACCS exists to help First Nations and Aboriginal communities develop high quality community child care services that are rooted in their own cultural practices, language and history, and to build an Aboriginal child care network in B.C.

We have made great progress but there is still much work to do. Stable funding is needed to continue programs and create programs in under-served communities across the B.C. In order to attract and retain the very best Aboriginal early childhood educators we need to find ways to increase wages and benefits and ensure access to training and professional development.

With the right conditions the smallest seeds can become the tallest cedars. And like seeds, our children hold incredible potential. ECDC programs play a central role in creating the conditions that nurture the potential of our children and unlock the spirit of our communities.

Become a champion today and help us build support in our communities.