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The daycare project

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Anderssen, Erin; Adshade, Marina; Mackrel, Kim; Carrick, Rob; Milligan, Kevin; Pearce, Tralee; Lum, Fred & Alexander, Craig
Publication Date: 
20 Oct 2013


The Globe and Mail's major multi-part series on child care in Canada includes six major articles, a number of supplementary articles and commentaries and an online poll asking "Based on your experience, are you happy with the availability and cost of daycare in Canada?"


October 19

Erin Anderssen and Kim Mackrel: Better daycare for $7/day: One province's solution for Canada

October 21

Erin Anderssen: The case for publicly funded child care in Canada 
Erin Anderssen: The evolution in public policy surrounding child care 
Marina Adshade: We want children, but can't afford daycare

October 22

Erin Anderssen and Tralee Pearce: The procreative class: How cities can help on the child-care front

Rob Carrick: Carrick on money: The crazy cost of daycare 

October 23

Erin Anderssen: Desperate parents forced into 'grey market' of unlicensed daycare

Erin Anderssen: Ottawa child's drowning death illustrates the risks of unregulated child care 

October 24

Erin Anderssen: What the world can teach Canada about building better daycare

Rob Carrick: The real parent trap: daycare costs

Kevin Milligan: How to ensure child care investments pay off

October 25

Erin Anderssen: What PEI and Quebec can teach the rest of Canada about improving child care

Erin Anderssen: Preschool is more than babysitting - it's education 

Craig Alexander: To lower inequality, boost spending on early childhood education

October 26

Globe editorial: We don't all need to imitate Quebec on daycare