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Let’s touch the skies!

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A report on women’s economic security in Cochrane & surrounding area
Cochrane Society for Housing Options; Cochrane FCSS; Western Rocky View Family and Community Resource Centre
Publication Date: 
18 Oct 2013

About this report:

Let's Touch the Skies!" is a Gender Based Analysis research project to examine the relationship between women and economic security within Cochrane and the Western MD of Rocky View. The research focused on individual experiences, barriers and challenges which inhibit women from gaining a sufficient measure of independence to support themselves and their dependents. The project also aimed to gain a better understanding of the systemic barriers that impact women in this region.

Learning and data collected from this research project will lend itself to formulating a Community Plan to advance women's economic security within the region. The Community Plan will make recommendations to change, increase and add activities, services and policies to enhance women's and self-reliance and prosperity.


Childcare-This theme was categorized by experiences of respondents that described the level of availability, level of accessibility, relying on extended family for child care, lack of safe choices in regards to childcare, and affordability.

There were approximately 62 references made to childcare by 14 unique sources during the interviews and focus groups conducted in the community. Both men and women interviewed
noted a level of frustration with childcare availability and cost. The survey included an exhaustive list of options for respondents to choose 3 critical points to increase their economic security and safe affordable access to childcare came in third highest at 20 out of 56 respondents.