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Give us a hand with childcare: 10 key messages from parents in Scotland

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Lloyd, Euan
Publication Date: 
1 Sep 2013

Excerpts from the report:

To help give parents a voice, Save the Children organised a series of ‘childcare conversations' between parents and local decision makers. we worked in partnership with local organisations and services to hold twelve discussions with groups of parents across Scotland. The vast majority of parents were living on low incomes. Over 100 parents took part - mums and dads, single parents and parents in couples, parents who are in work or studying and those who are currently unemployed. the views of parents from across Scotland were sought from the central belt to the Highlands and Islands and the south of Scotland.

This report outlines the 10 key messages and issues that the parents who took part in these conversations raised about using and accessing childcare.

10 key messages from parents:
1. Childcare services must support children's development and wellbeing.
2. The cost of childcare is too high - particularly for parents on low incomes.
3. Parents have a strong desire to work - but feel trapped by the cost of childcare.
4. The high cost of childcare means that parents on low incomes are often no better off if they work.
5. A lack of affordable childcare is making balancing parenting and working even more difficult.
6. Childcare services must be more flexible if they are to support parents into work.
7. Employers also need to be more flexible and understanding of the needs of working parents.
8. The availability of childcare varies significantly.
9. There are particular childcare challenges for parents wishing to study.
10. Many parents have to rely on family and friends for childcare.