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Toronto home-based childcare project: More than a home

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Campaign 2000
Publication Date: 
21 May 2014

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About the study:

High-quality childcare services are prerequisites for parental participation in training, education and paid employment of all types. Without childcare, parents and most often mothers of preschool-age children face major obstacles in participating in the labour force.

Childcare is key to poverty eradication. It's one of the main social policies that Campaign 2000 advocates for, in addition to income support, good jobs, affordable housing, etc.

The goal of this project is to develop recommendations to improve the safety, security and quality of childcare in homes that are unregulated. The outcomes of the recommendations would be to improve the situation both for the children and their families as well as for the home-based childcare providers.

For more information on ending child and family poverty and finding practical solutions, please visit Campaign 2000

Have your voice heard!

Family Service Toronto/Campaign 2000 is interested in learning more about independent home-based childcare providers as part of the project 'Home-Based Childcare - More than a Home' funded by the Metcalf Foundation.

As home-based childcare providers, you help to meet the well-documented need for high-quality childcare services that parents must have to participate in training, education and paid employment of all types.

Home-based childcare may also provide an opportunity to work from home and run a small business. The childcare landscape may be changing as the Province of Ontario seeks to modernize childcare legislation. Proposed legislation (Bill 143, the Child Care Modernization Act, introduced in December, 2013), if passed by the Legislative Assembly, would have an impact on the way that unregulated home-based caregivers operate.

We hope you will share your ideas and opinions on this short online survey intended for independent (unregulated) home-based childcare providers to complete. All of the information that you provide will be treated confidentially. Information will only be analyzed and reported for the group as a whole and not by individual respondent, so your answers will be anonymous.

For more information, contact

Laurel Rothman

416-595-9230, x228.