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European Early Childhood Education Research journal special issue: Disadvantage and social justice

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Volume 22, Issue 3, 2014
Publication Date: 
2 Jul 2014

The journal's table of contents, multilingual abstracts and first page previews are available at Taylor & Francis. Full-text access is only by subscription and through local or university libraries. For those without such access, contact CRRU for borrowing information. 

Table of contents:

Editorial, John Bennett

Breaking the cycle of poverty: Challenges for European early childhood education and care, Paul P.M. Leseman & Pauline L. Slot

Accessibility of early childhood education and care: A state of affairs, Michel Vandenbroeck & Arianna Lazzari

A special challenge for Europe: The inclusion of Roma children in early years education and care, Sarah Klaus & Adrian Marsh

Learning, assessment and equality in Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings in England, Alice Bradbury

The early childhood education of disadvantaged children in China, Zhanmei Song, Jiaxiong Zhu, Zhuyun Xia & Xin Wu

The public-private partnership in ECEC provision in Norway, Peder Haug

Childcare in the Netherlands: Lessons in privatisation, Yusuf Emre Akgunduz & Janneke Plantenga

Childcare markets in an age of austerity, Eva Lloyd & Helen Penn

Promoting equity in an early years context: The role of participatory educational teams, João Formosinho & Irene Figueiredo

Professional development for ECEC practitioners with responsibilities for children at risk: Which competences and in-service training are needed?, Jan Peeters & Nima Sharmahd