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Community reaction to NDP's childcare plan

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Press release
Publication Date: 
15 Oct 2014


Community Responses: 

AECEO responds to NDP National Childcare program announcement
Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, 16 Oct 14

  • Early Childhood Educators are the backbone of a national childcare program.

$15 child care: Canada's hottest new political pledge?
CCPA Behind the Numbers Blog, Oct 15 2014

  • "As campaign pledges go, it's one of the more interesting ones to hit the federal political scene in a long while, precisely because of its broad appeal."

NDP platform release a breakthrough, puts child care back on the national agenda
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CCAAC, Oct 14 2014

  • "A national child care program in Canada is not only absolutely necessary but inevitable."

CUPE applauds the NDP's child care plan
CUPE National, Oct 14 2014 

  • "Quality, affordable child care is vital for children, but also for parents, communities and our economy. The NDP is the only party showing leadership on child care.

The case for child care
Broadbent Institute, Oct 14 2014

  • "a national child care program promises to be an important tool for giving an equal start in life to all children while making it easier for parents to balance work and family. Best estimates suggest that such a program would actually pay for itself."

7 perfectly sensible reasons why child care is good for the economy
Press Progress, Oct 14 2014

  • "One study, published by University of Quebec at Montreal economist Pierre Fortin, for every dollar Quebec spends on child care, $1.05 is returned to the economy." 

Time to fill the child care gap 
YWCA, Oct 14 2014 

  • "Women still provide the majority of child care. This is smart policy. This advances women's equality. Affordable child care is the 21st century equivalent of public education."