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Opposition day motion:child care

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Legislative Assembly of Ontario
government document
Publication Date: 
18 Nov 2014


EXCERPT from the Hansard:

Ms. Andrea Horwath: I move the following motion:

Whereas the government of Canada has failed to provide predictable funding to develop and deliver affordable, accessible and high-quality early childhood education and child care programs in Ontario;

Whereas families pay monthly fees of $1,152 on average for one child care spot in Ontario, compared to $152 per month in the province of Quebec;

Whereas investing in high-quality child care will reduce the stress on families; benefit children's development and future academic success; allow more parents to re-enter the workforce, retrain or go to school; reduce dependence on social assistance; reduce poverty; and will bring $1.75 in return for every $1 invested by our government;

Whereas families, businesses and the economy at large will benefit from investing in our early childhood education and child care programs;

Therefore, in the opinion of this House, this province should partner with the federal government to ensure that every parent in Ontario has access to child care at a cost of no more than $15 a day per child.

This motion is addressed to the Premier.

The NDP Caucus and the Liberal Caucus voted in favour of this motion and it was carried by the acting speaker .