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Vision Green: Child care

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Green Party of Canada's child care platform
Green Party of Canada
Press release
Publication Date: 
14 Sep 2015

Child care commitments (4.3 vision green)

Building a Canada that works together (full platform - child care on pg.20)

For more information:

Federal fiscal transfers backgrounder

Fair taxation backgrounder

Excerpts from Vision Green 

Green Party MPs will:

  • Restore and revamp 2005 agreements reached among the federal government and each province/territory to achieve a universally accessible child care program in Canada;
  • Provide federal transfers to provinces directed to public and non-profit providers
  • Provincial governments should establish standards for quality of child care services and fees
  • Specifically ensure that Canada’s universal child care program provides workplace child care spaces wherever possible;
  • Abolish income splitting and the Universal Child Care Benefit
  • Establish a National Children’s Commissioner