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New Brunswick Federation of Labour’s brief to government task force

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New Brunswick Federation of Labour
Publication Date: 
20 Oct 2015

Full brief available in English and French



On behalf of the 40,000 workers affiliated to the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, it is a pleasure to submit this brief to the Government of New Brunswick Child Care Sector Task Force.

The New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) is the central voice of organized labour in the province. For over 100 years, the NBFL has played a key role in the economic and social advancement of workers, their families and their communities.

Accessing quality and affordable child care is an essential support to workers in the province. When child care programs are of high quality, it benefits parents, children, the economy and society at large. Our recommendation is for the provincial government to build a public system of integrated early learning and child care programs.

This approach is based on research and best practices that show:

  • Public spending on early learning and child care is smart both economically and socially;
  • Quality child care is the same thing as early learning, poor quality is not;
  • Children and families need quality care and early learning programs;
  • New Brunswick`s current approach to child care is not working

The brief outlines the current situation in New Brunswick and addresses lack of affordability of child care, lack of availability of child care, indicators of quality of child care, adequate funding, economic impacts of quality child care and comprehensive reccomendations for moving forward.