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From patchwork quilt to sturdy foundation: Build a seamless early learning and child care system now

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Findlay, Tammy & Saulnier, Christine
Publication Date: 
14 May 2015


CCPA-NS submission to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Regulated Child Care Review

Current Situation in Nova Scotia

It is well past time that our government decision-makers realize that Nova Scotia’s market-based, patchwork approach is not working for families. The current strategy results in high fees for parents, a scarcity of spaces, and undervalued Early Childhood Educators (ECEs). It also perpetuates gender inequities. With only piecemeal improvements over the last decade, the story of child care in this province is a story of neglect. Nova Scotia received a failing grade in the most recent Early Childhood Education report (2014), getting a 6 out of 15.

The current system has resulted in:

  • Lack of regulated spaces;
  • High fees;
  • Low wages