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2016-2017 Public Policy Agenda

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Child Care Aware of America
Publication Date: 
1 Nov 2015


About Child Care Aware of America’s agenda 

Over the past several years, Child Care Aware of America has surveyed and conducted focus groups with parents of young children, grandparents, national child advocacy organizations, and state and local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies. 

During those conversations it was underscored that child care is an essential building block of any community and that investments in child care are investments in our children, our economy, and our future. Child care plays an important role in the economy, helping to generate 15 million jobs and more than $500 billion in income annually. 1 Families need child care so that they can work and children need a safe place to be where they can learn, thrive, and continue their healthy development.

What we have learned about child care in the United States from our member agencies, reports, state surveys and national polling: 

1. Child care is expensive

2. Quality child care must begin early

3. The quality of care varies widely by state

4. Child care providers must receive adequate training and compensation

To ensure access to affordable, quality child care, Child Care Aware of America proposes the adoption of a comprehensive Public Policy Agenda to address these documented issues: 

  • Affordable quality child care for families; 
  • Equitable child care for underserved populations; 
  • Healthy child care; 
  • Professional development and compensation; and, 
  • CCDBG implementation.