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The innovation of Ontario full-day kindergarten educator teams: Have they reproduced the split systems of care and education?

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Langford, Rachel; Di Santo, Aurelia; Valeo, Angela; Underwood, Kathryn & Lenis, Angelike
Publication Date: 
18 Nov 2016



This study investigated the implementation of a full-day kindergarten programme in Ontario, Canada. Key to the implementation of this programme has been a new kind of educator team consisting of a certified teacher and a registered early childhood educator and a complementary partnership in which each team member contributes equally. Our research examined team members’ perceptions and practices related to their roles and responsibilities. Findings suggest that the care work for which early childhood educators are disproportionally responsible is accorded less value and status than the work of educating children. Implications of these findings are discussed in relation to the care/education split, the social reproduction of care work and social inequities.