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Inter-government framework agreement on child care not good enough

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Public Service Alliance of Canada
Publication Date: 
12 Jun 2017

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PSAC’s national campaign for a high-quality universal child care system is even more pressing with today’s release of the federal-provincial-territorial framework agreement on early learning and child care.

“We have to continue to push, working with the entire child care movement and sector, because what was announced today is not good enough and does not live up to the Liberal Party’s electoral promise to negotiate a framework agreement to make high quality affordable child care for all a reality,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson.

The framework agreement states that the first three-year transfer of federal funds to the provinces and territories for child care must focus on helping parents with the highest need, rather than help all families. Further the long-term objectives of the ten-year framework leave out a commitment to building a universally accessible system.

“There is a high need for affordable, inclusive, high-quality child care across the country, and PSAC has heard this time and time again from our members who are parents. So it is frustrating that the framework agreement does not take a comprehensive approach to building a system that will respond to those universal needs,” said Benson.

PSAC is encouraging all members to keep up the pressure so that the framework is adjusted in the future and that federal funding for child care is increased significantly.