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Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework

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Government of Canada
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Publication Date: 
11 Jun 2017


Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Most Responsible for Early Learning and Child Care agree on the importance of supporting parents, families and communities in their efforts to ensure the best possible future for their children. Ministers also recognize that quality early learning and child care systems play an important role in promoting the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of young children and can support positive lifelong benefits.

The early years of life are critical in the development and future well-being of the child and continuum of learning. During this period, experiences influence children’s rapid brain development. These experiences create the foundation for supporting competencies, including but not limited to the ability to regulate emotions and enjoy positive interactions with others. These foundational skills in turn impact learning, behaviour and health today and in the future; this is particularly true for children who are vulnerable. The evidence is clear that there are positive relationships between quality early learning and child care, especially for less advantaged children, parental labour market participation, especially for women, and child developmental outcomes.