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Government of Canada's fall economic statement 2017

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Publication Date: 
23 Oct 2017


The federal government's annual Economic Update included accelerating indexation of the Canada Child Benefit, moving the date for full indexation from July 2020 to July 2018. This will add a (maximum) additional $91 (per child under 6 years and $81 for children aged 6-17). The report mentions the federal government's June 2017 child care announcement on pg. 26-27 but makes no additional child care commitments. A number of responses to the statement were concerned with child care and can be viewed here.

Progress for the middle class: Fall economic statement 2017

"Compared to the previous system of child benefits, the CCB is simpler, more generous and better targeted to those who need it most." Government of Canada

Organizational repsonses

Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada

"All the evidence shows that cash payments to parents will not make child care services any more accessible and will not resolve the child care crisis that is putting children, families and economic growth at risk. The only way governments can meet those objectives is to create a sufficient number of quality spaces and fund their ongoing operation." Morna Ballantyne, Executive Director of Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada

Canadian Union of Public Employees

"The boost to the Canada Child Benefit will help families with children, but it still does not move us any closer to a national child care program." Mark Hancock, CUPE National President

Public Service Alliance of Canada

"There is a great need for affordable, inclusive, high-quality child care across the country, and PSAC has heard this time and time again from our members... Simply giving cash payments through the Canada Child Benefit does not go far enough to address the child care needs of Canadians." Robyn Benson, PSAC National President

Canadian Child Care Federation

"The CCCF expects federal leadership to create the necessary inter-related policies, programs and outcomes for children and families across Canada. Infrastructure support for national leadership and capacity building of the child care sector, long ignored, needs to be a part of the federal government's financial commitments to child care in Canada." Don Giesbrecht, CEO Canadian Child Care Federation

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

"An extra $91 a year is going to do little for a family paying $1000 a month or more for childcare. . . Here again the government seems not to have learned the lesson of its own success with respect to its 2015 election platform: Set ambitious goals. Commit to them. Deliver on them." Kate McInturff, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Behind the Numbers