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Uncovering the inner workings of state's early childhood policies

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Results from a new tool for changemakers focused on transforming the workforce
Bornfreund, Laura & Hogan, Lauren
Publication Date: 
30 Nov 2017


Next Steps

Given the nature of the early childhood field, it is unsurprising to note that while there are some commonalities across these three states, workforce standards, competencies, governance, funding, policies and requirements-particularly those around preparation-vary tremendously. This is the case nationally as well.

The fragmentation in our advocacy universe isa particular challenge, which presented itself even in the course of administering this policyand regulatory scan, when we found that many questions were difficult to answer, or that different advocates answered them differently. This indicates significant work ahead to ensure that advocates share an understanding of and commitment to which policy levers need to be moved when, and which advocates are best suited to take the lead at any given time, based in part on the relationships they have or can develop and strengthen. We hope simple (and sometimes fun) tools, such as the Policy Adoption Mad Lib on the following page, can help advocates have productive and meaningful conversations that allow them to more easily analyze the comprehensive data they have gathered in these "MRI" scans, and turn that data into immediate and strategic action. 

NAEYC, Child Care Aware, and New America will continue to develop resources such as these, improving and refining the clarity and depth of the scan, and linking the results to the critical diagnoses and prescriptions that result from a reading of the scan itself. NAEYC plans to continue working with Indiana, New York, and Wisconsin, as well as other states deeply invested in the Power to the Profession initiative, and over the next several months New America will conduct the scan in a new set of states.

Check out the Policy Adoption Mad Lib at the end of the report!