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Theorizing feminist ethics of care in early childhood practice: Possibilities and dangers

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Edited by Rachel Langford
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
12 Jun 2019


This book responds to a growing academic interest in theorizing care and care work in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. The contributors theorize a new feminist ethics of care in everyday early childhood practice, revealing its complexities and importance. Drawing on feminist theories and philosophies, the chapter authors show how the caring practices of early childhood educators involve values, emotions, decision-making, action and work. Using cutting-edge theory, authors address the social locations and the inclusion and exclusion of both care givers and care receivers. With contributions from Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, the volume brings together early childhood studies, sociology, psychology, philosophy and critical disability studies to offer diverse perspectives on feminist ethics of care in early childhood practice and its possibilities and dangers.

Table of Contents
Series Editors' Foreword: Introduction, Rachel Langford

Part I: Conceptual Developments
1. Contesting and Transforming Care: An Introduction to a Critical Ethics of Care, Marian Barnes
2. An Ethics of Care in Culturally Diverse Early Childhood Settings: Toward an Ethics of Unknowing, Sonja Arndt and Marek Tesar 
3. Conceptualizing Care as Being and Doing in Ethical Interactions and Sustained Care Relationships in the Early Childhood Institution, Rachel Langford and Jacqueline White
4. Care as Ethic, Care as Labour, Rachel Rosen

Part II: Preparing Educators for Practicing Ethics of Care 
5. Cultivating Ethical Dispositions in Early Childhood Practice for an Ethic of Care: A Contemplative Approach, Geoff Taggart 
6. “I Already Know I Care!” Illuminating the Complexities of Care Practices in Early Childhood and Teacher Education, Colette Rabin 

Part III: Practicing Feminist Ethics of Care
7. Ripple: The absence and Presence of Care amidst Social Injustice in the Elementary Classroom, Maria Karmiris
8. The Controversy of Ravza's Pacifier: In Search of Embodied Care in Preschool Education, Katrien Van Laere, Griet Roets and Michel Vandenbroeck
9. Nurturing Hope to Support Autonomy: The Role of Early Childhood Educators, Amy Mullin 
10. Enacting Twenty-First-Century Early Childhood Education: Curriculum as Caring, B. Denise Hodgins, Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck and Kelsey Wapenaar