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Federal election 2019: What the parties have to say about child care

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17 Sep 2019

An overview of the 2019 federal election commitments by each of Canada's four major political parties relating to child care and parental leave (originally posted September 18th 2019, updated October 2nd 2019).

The Green Party of Canada’s 2019 federal election commitments
The Green Party of Canada's platform for the 2019 federal election includes "Taking care of Canada's children". The platform commits to universal child care and states that a Green Party government will immediately begin to ramp up federal child care funding to achieve the international benchmark of at least one percent of GDP annually, adding an additional $1 billion each year until this benchmark is reached within a mature ELCC system.

The Liberal Party of Canada’s 2019 federal election commitments
The Liberal Party of Canada has released sections of their platform for the 2019 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada has addressed access to school-age child care as one of their platform promises. As well, they address other ways to support families by increasing the Canada Child Benefit for children under age 1, parental leave for adoptive families and  developing paid family leave for everyone with the provinces within one year.

Updated: Canada's New Democratic Party 2019 federal election commitments
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh updated the federal party's child care commitment in British Columbia earlier this week. This announcement builds on the NDP's initial child care campaign platform, shedding light on long-term financial commitments and expansion promises including 500,000 new licensed child care spaces in a move toward a universal system.

Canada’s New Democratic Party 2019 federal election commitments
The New Democratic Party will build on provincial/territorial initiatives to make child care better for families by investing $1 billion in 2020. The NDP is also committed to growing that investment annually, alongside provinces and territories. The NDP commits to being on the side of parents to ensure affordable, quality child care for all – as they feel no one should be forced to choose between having a family and having a career.

Conservative Party of Canada 2019 federal election commitments
The Conservative Party of Canada has made a commitment to the removal of federal income tax from EI maternity and EI parental benefits. They state they will provide a tax credit of 15% for any income earned under EI maternity and parental leave and suggest that the benefit to a Canadian salary of $50,000 would be approximately $4,000.

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