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The US and the high price of child care

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An examination of a broken system
Publication Date: 
27 Nov 2019

Excerpted from the executive summary

In this report, we discuss our model for the child care ecosystem that includes the following six key members:

  • children
  • families
  • child care providers
  • communities
  • government 
  • private businesses

CCR&Rs work with all of these entities in their efforts to strengthen the child care system in the US. Although not everyone in the US is parenting a child, it is in everyone’s best interest to fix the broken child care system. Access to affordable, high-quality child care helps children grow into productive members of society who contribute to the economy and have healthier outcomes. This results in a stronger economy, reduced burdens on government assistance programs and reduced health care costs. Businesses benefit when their employees have stable child care, as they have less absenteeism and lower employee turnover. Parents with access to affordable, quality child care can work and build financial stability. Our report examines each of the members of the child care ecosystem and how they are affected by a broken child care system.