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How much do they make?

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New Evidence on the Early Career Earnings of Canadian PostSecondary Education Graduates by Credential & Field of Study
Finnie, R., Miyairi, M., Dubois, M., Bonen, T. & Amery, B.
Publication Date: 
14 Jan 2020

Excerpted from the excecutive summary

Choices about post-secondary education (PSE) launch individuals onto their future educational and career paths. These decisions are vitally important to Canada’s economic prosperity as well to many individual and social outcomes. Against this backdrop, this joint LMIC-EPRI report provides extensive new evidence on the labour market earnings of PSE graduates.

Our analysis makes extensive use of the new Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform (ELMLP), developed by Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada. The ELMLP allows us to identify all college and university graduates from publicly funded Canadian PSE institutions from 2010 through 2014. We then track their annual employment earnings from the first year following graduation through 2015. This report focuses on individuals who graduated in 2010, since they have the longest earnings history observed on the current platform (2011–2015).