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The Affordable Child Care For All Plan

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Child Care Now
Publication Date: 
8 Mar 2019


In summary: The Affordable Child Care for All Plan calls for the Government of Canada to:

  • play a greater leadership role in building a stable child care system for all over a period of 10 years in the next and subsequent phases of bilateral agreements
  • boost funding significantly by increasing Canada’s ELCC budget by $1 billion each year over 10 years to meet international benchmarks and reach the goal of affordable, high-quality, inclusive child care for all across Canada
  • negotiate ELCC agreements with the provinces and territories that demand action on three fronts simultaneously:

a)  planned expansion through public/non-profit services

b)  making child care affordable through operational funding and set fees

c)  improving quality and stability through public spending on the child care workforce including improving child care sector wages

  • continue to work with Indigenous leaders and communities to operationalize, implement and expand on the Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework to realize the goals and aspirations of the Indigenous Peoples
  • put in place federal infrastructure (legislation, a federal secretariat, funding to the child care sector) to support the implementation of the plan.

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