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Child care re-opening: Operational guidance during COVID-19 outbreak

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Version 3
Ministry of Education
Publication Date: 
19 Aug 2020

Excerpted from the operational guidance

Highlights of Changes: 

• Revised cohort size to maximum group sizes set out under the Child Care are Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA), as of September 1, 2020 (see section: Maximum Group Size and Ratio) 
• Revised guidance around who must review Health and Safety Protocols (see section: Health and Safety Protocols) 
• Revised guidance around the use of masks to specify that all children in grade 4 and above are required to wear a non-medical or cloth mask, and all schoolaged children are encouraged but not required to wear a mask. Additionally, all adults in a child care setting are required to wear a medical mask and eye protection (i.e., face shield) (see section: Guidance On the Use of Masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Handwashing) 
• Updated guidance around when an individual does not pass the screening to indicate this does not need to be reported to the local public health unit (see section: Screening for Symptoms) 
• Revised guidance around reporting a serious occurrence related to COVID-19 (see section: Serious Occurrence Reporting) 
• Revised guidance around parent fees to provide 14 days for parents to decide to accept a space before resuming fees, whether the space is used or not (see section: Parent Fees) 
• Additional guidance to allow students completing post-secondary educational placements in child care settings (see section: Visitors) 
• Additional guidance on staff training to clarify training should be available for all staff/providers at least once (see section: Staff Training) 
• Revised guidance to remove the use of blankets or cloths over clothing when holding infants and toddlers (see section: Interactions with Infants/Toddlers